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Grande Prairie Mortgage Broker
Grande Prairie Mortgage Broker : Mortgage Grande Prairie
Grande Prairie Mortgage Broker
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Welcome to Whalen Mortgages, a Grande Prairie Mortgage solution. We beat the banks every time!

Let us work for you as your Grande Prairie mortgage broker, whether you’re buying a new house or refinancing your mortgage in Grande Prairie we have the perfect mortgage for you. We’ll do the research and find a lender that offers the best type of mortgage for your situation with the terms you want. Do you have poor credit? Lenders in Grande Prairie often vary on their qualifying criteria, we’ll find a lender who will approve your mortgage application at the best interest rate in Grande Prairie. Are you sick of waiting for bank appointments and long processes to get approved? Let me help make buying a home that much easier. We are your trusted mortgage brokers in Grande Prairie and promise to work hard for you!

Renting in Grande Prairie can be expensive. Did you know you can own a home worth $600,000 and pay $2800 a month? The difference is with owning a home in 5 years you will have $100,000 paid down on the mortgage and have that equity. Don’t continue renting in Grande Prairie. Rents are rising faster than the rate of inflation. And you could afford a home of your own for what you’re paying in rent today. There’s another reason to buy a home . Lets make this dream a reality for you give me a call today, we are your 1st choice for your mortgage broker in Grande Prairie! Whalen Mortgages is your trusted Grande Prairie mortgage brokers, we strive for excellence and great client service. 

Grande Prairie Mortgage Broker

There are some low rates that come with high penalties if you break your mortgage early, products that do not allow you to take your mortgage with you if you sell your home and want to port your mortgage. Certain banks penalties on a $400,000 dollar home if you break your mortgage early can be a penalty of $20,000 compared to a $4,000 penalty at other lenders. Working with a mortgage broker in Grande Prairie brings a number of advantages. We explain the various types of mortgages to you, such as the fixed rate mortgages that come with costly penalties if you break it when trying to refinance it to save money. We will also explain the risks of adjustable rate mortgages and ways to reduce that risk while maximizing the advantages of an ARM loan. Whalen Mortgages is also quite experienced in hybrid mortgage products that let you pay low adjustable rates for a while before transitioning to a fixed rate mortgage. Contact us to find out what all of your options are – we’ll find the right solution for you.  

I believe in transparency and explaining lenders or banks products to the client. We are your trusted Grande Prairie Mortgage Brokers! After understanding the lenders or banks rates available in Grande Prairie and products you pick the right lender for you. It is not rate alone that should derive the lender you pick. I strongly believe in informing you of the perks and downfalls of the products and rates offered from each lender or bank. Lets pick a lender or Bank in Grande Prairie to fit your mortgage needs. A lender you pick after understanding each lender’s perks and downfalls. Informed decisions come with the best outcome. Something that you pick after understanding all the perks and downfalls of each lender. We are your trusted mortgage brokers in Grande Prairie and strive for client service. 


I am a natural problem solver, there is no mortgage I will not work hard to get approved. I stop at nothing and exhaust all options. I will appeal decisions with the lender or insurer if I disagree with their decision. I fight for you my clients! I will help prepare you for home ownership on your next Grande Prairie home and give financial coaching and advice to get you where you need to be to purchase a home and as quickly as possible. I will find different solutions such as paying off the smallest loan which holds the highest monthly payment to allow you to qualify for that house you always wanted. Let me do the work for your mortgage and get you exactly what you want.

Working with me you will feel confident in the mortgage and lender you choose for your mortgage in Grande Prairie. Buying a house is one of the biggest investments you will make. Let me make this an enjoyable experience and ensure you are getting the best mortgage rate and terms for your next mortgage in Grande Prairie. No hidden surprises or huge penalties! Whalen Mortgages is your 1st choice for your Grande Prairie Mortgage Brokers!

Mortgage Broker Grande Prairie : Grande Prairie Mortgage

Grande Prairie Mortgage Broker

Grande Prairie Mortgage Broker : Mortgage Grande Prairie

Start with a pre-approval. Continue with looking at homes with confidence. Then once you find the perfect home we seamlessly get your mortgage on the perfect home approved.

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Local Industry Professionals

Remax Grande Prairie Realtor

Sean Gillis – Remax Grande Prairie
Web: https://www.seangillis.ca/
Tel: 780-897-3520

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Your Grande Prairie Realtor at Century 21 Web: https://www.century21.ca/katie.good

Meghan Grande Prairie Realtor

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Web: https://www.meghanrobinson.net/ 

 Grande Prairie Mortgage Broker : Mortgage Broker Grande Prairie

What perks come with using a Local Mortgage Broker?

First, we’re familiar with the local real estate market. We understand the housing support programs and incentives offered by local employers. For example, we know how to help you qualify for a mortgage in Grande Prairie when your employer provides a living allowance, mortgage subsidy or down payment for your new home. We’ll make the home buying process as smooth and quick as possible.  

Our understanding of the local job market also allows us to help our clients qualify for mortgages. You don’t want lenders to decline or reject you for a mortgage because you incorrectly state income like bonuses, shift differentials, built-in overtime or driving allowances. We know how to guide you through the underwriting process to ensure that you get approved for the home you want in Grande Prairie at the lowest possible mortgage interest rate in Grande Prairie.  

I do the Grande Prairie surrounding area and rural properties also. I understand the differences in these acreages and can help you with any questions you may have regarding certain amenities offered in each area. I can do Mortgages across Canada in every province and often get clients mortgages outside of Grande Prairie as they continue to work in Grande Prairie and commute.

Do you work with lenders that support housing programs/incentives?

I understand all the different employment incentives from the employers in Grande Prairie and know the lenders that support these programs. Many employers give living allowance, mortgage subsidy or down payment for their employees to stay as a resident in Grande Prairie. I am aware of these programs and all the steps required to get the mortgage complete.  I am aware of bonuses, shift differentials, driving allowance and built-in overtime that come with certain employers. I have lenders that support these programs and have underwriters that have seen Grande Prairie deals so much that they understand and support all the different types of income earned in this market.

Grande Prairie Mortgage Broker : Grande Prairie Mortgage

Are there 0 % down Mortgages?

Unfortunately, they have been discontinued however there are other products such as the ability to use your own line of credit for the down payment but restrictions apply. There are also options for cash back mortgages with higher interest rates however you need to come up with the down payment to qualify. You can also have an immediate family member gift you the down payment. We can also look at refinancing your current home so that you have a down payment for the new property. We can also explain how you receive financial gifts from family members to assist with the down payment or get a qualified home buyers loan so that you can get the lowest possible mortgage rate.  

First time home buyer?

If you are a first time home buyer, you can access your RRSP for a down payment – and it isn’t taxed. You’ll need to contact your RRSP investor for information on how to do this. If you’ve been renting for a few years after selling your last home, you may be able to take advantage of this benefit again. If you already tapped your RRSP for a down payment and then sold it, paying back the RRSP, and then don’t own a home for at least three years, you can tap into the funds again as a down payment.  

This is not my first home, how much down payment will I need?

As long as it is your primary residence you should only need 5% down payment regardless if it is not your first home purchase. The requirement is it needs to be your primary home to qualify with as little as 5% down payment.

I have a house and want to turn it into a rental, what are my options?

If you are turning your existing house into a rental and buying a new house to occupy as your primary residence you can do so with as little as 5% down. There are rental offset options to offset the debt of your house you are turning into a rental and allow you to purchase your new home you will occupy. We can look at refinancing your current home if you need down payment for your new home.

We can help you refinance your mortgage whether you’re in an adjustable rate mortgage and want to lock in today’s historically low interest rates in a fixed rate mortgage. We can also help you if your mortgage is coming up for renewal, if you want a cash out refinance to raise money for home repairs or anything else you’d like to do.  

Grande Prairie Mortgage Broker : Grande Prairie Mortgage

If I want to buy a rental what should I know?

If you want to buy a new home to rent out, you’re required to put down at least 20% as a down payment. The Government requires mortgage insurance if you put less than 20% down and they no longer allow rental properties to be insured, and they only work with those buying a primary residence or second home.  

I want to buy a second home?

You can buy a vacation home with 10% down. You could buy a home for a family member to live in with as little as 5% down as long as they are living in it as a primary residence.  

Why should I use a Mortgage Broker?

Mortgage Brokers are independent from the bank and use multiple lenders to get the best interest rate for your Mortgage. I believe in informing the clients of all the products available and restrictions or perks each lenders products carry. Getting a mortgage is one of the biggest investments you will make I thrive in helping ensure that you are getting the best mortgage to fit your needs.
Mortgage lenders throughout Canada have many different specialized mortgage products to fit different client’s needs. I can work on your mortgage in any province.
As a Grande Prairie Mortgage Broker I understand how those products apply in our unique market where overtime, bonuses, housing allowance and shift differential income are common. As a Mortgage Specialist in Grande Prairie, I understand each mortgage is unique and will keep on top of all the changes to ensure I find a mortgage that fits your needs.
I am always available and work around my client’s schedule. No waiting for appointments or approvals. My clients are my top priority. Remember I work for you, not the Banks! I want to tell you congratulations the house of your dreams is yours, this is why I love my job. I look forward to speaking with you about your existing or future mortgage needs.

Are you looking for a mortgage in Fort McMurray? We have a great team of Mortgage Brokers servicing the Fort McMurray area. Visit our site at whalenmortgages.com

Grande Prairie Mortgage Broker : Mortgage Broker Grande Prairie
Grande Prairie Mortgage Broker : Mortgage Broker Grande Prairie

Raving Client Reviews

We thought buying a house wasn’t going be an option for a few more years, however with the knowledge and helpful direction by Jodi we were in our own home within 90 days.

Excellent service and a delightful person to work with. We highly recommend her.

Amy Mcaen

Working with Jodi has been a great experience. My wife and I have used Jodi’s services to obtain two mortgages and both times Jodi was knowledgeable, organized, and quick to resolve any issues that popped up. I would recommend that anyone looking for a hassle free mortgage approval contact Jodi.

Billy Comeau

The most helpful women I have ever met! She helped me and my fiance buy our first home together! After trying another broker and a bank broker they wanted me to sign a contract which scared me to going back to the bank then I talked to Jodi who reassured me that there would be no obligation to stick with her if I was unhappy. I ended up going with Jodi, getting the best rate and product out there!

After all the struggle and stress Jodi made it feel like a breeze! Spending much time going over things I didn’t understand, making me feel very comfortable working with her knowing she was out to help me, not just make a sale.

If you’re reading this review you’re making a good choice by picking this caring mortgage broker!

Thank you again Jodi!

Leigh Morrison

As a realtor I have worked with a lot of different mortgage professionals and Jodi by far exceeds my expectations with any real estate transaction. Her approval time is the fastest I have ever seen and her communication skills are exceptional. You will always know what is going on with your mortgage approval. When clients struggle to get a mortgage she gets the deal done. I would recommend Jodi in full confidence to anyone looking to get a mortgage.

Jennifer Fahey, Realtor

Real Estate Agent