Can’t afford to completely renovate your kitchen? Don’t worry. Here are some simple and inexpensive fixes that will add new vitality and style. 

  1. Paint your cabinets. Keep your existing cabinets and use some of the savings to buy high quality paint in a decorator color and finish. 
  1. Add new hardware. Sleek new metal handles will add the finishing touch to your “brand new” looking cabinets. 
  1. Paint the walls. Choose a color and finish that comfortably complement your cabinets. Or go bold with a dramatic feature wall.  
  1. Camouflage your countertop. Sure, you’d like to redo the entire countertop in stone. But since that’s not in the budget, choose the most worn or damaged section, and cover it up with a butcher block or piece of remnant stone countertop. 
  1. Add dramatic lighting. All the new kitchens have under-cabinet lights to illuminate work areas and create a high-tech look. Today, this is very inexpensive to duplicate with battery-operated LED lights that just stick on. And since LEDs don’t consume much energy, the batteries last a long time. 
  1. Make a strategic splurge. By now you’ve probably saved enough to make a more substantial purchase. Evaluate the appearance and performance of each appliance and consider replacing just the one that needs it most. A shiny new fridge or stove attracts attention and adds to the overall look of renewal.  

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