Mcap Mortgages Grande Prairie | Low Mortgage Rates Grande Prairie | Mortgage Broker Grande Prairie
Mcap Mortgages Grande Prairie | Low Mortgage Rates Grande Prairie | Mortgage Broker Grande Prairie


Mcap mortgages for clients in Grande Prairie.

Mcap is a major lender for both residential and commercial property buyers. This non-bank lender is better than many banks because they’re transparent. They offer competitive mortgage rates and you don’t have to choose between high fees or a high interest rate. They do not have posted rates like the banks that cost you thousands of dollars to break nor do you have to negotiate with them for the lowest mortgage rate. They offer you the lowest rate upfront, I love the transparency Mcap delivers to their clients and for this reason they are one of the top lenders we use for our Grande Prairie Mortgage Partners.  

Their “value flex” mortgage has a rate around 10 bps lower than their rivals. This low rate is only available if you agree not to change lenders during your term, though they do have an “out” for situations like selling the house. They provide conventional mortgages, as well, or mortgage without a bona fide sales clause.

Mcap provides competitive HELOC or home equity line of credit loans.  Consult with team Whalen Mortgages your Trusted Grande Prairie mortgage brokers to understand what rates you’d be charged and how to qualify for a lower one.

Mcap offers a free appliance warranty for the first year you own your home with one of their mortgages. This warranty covers major appliances like your refrigerator, dishwasher, oven and stove. These warranties rarely if ever cover your washing machine, dryer or freezer. They do not cover heaters, air conditioners or furnaces. After the one year mark, you can choose to continue the warranty for a low monthly fee.

Consult with your Trusted Grande Prairie mortgage brokers at Whalen Mortgages to determine what mortgage terms are right for you, and we can secure the lowest interest rate loan Mcap provides with the loan terms and conditions you want.

We look forward to working with you on your next purchase or your transfer. We promise to provide the upmost customer service and keep clear communication. We believe in transparency and only work with lenders that offer this, we inform you of all the terms and conditions so you are not ever caught off guard with your mortgage terms or products. We are your Grande Prairie’s first choice when it comes to mortgages. Call us today to get started 780-357-3993 or apply online