Scotia Bank Grande Prairie | Lowest Mortgage Rates Grande Prairie | Top Mortgage Brokers Grande Prairie
Scotia Bank Grande Prairie | Lowest Mortgage Rates Grande Prairie | Top Mortgage Brokers Grande Prairie


Grande Prairie Scotia Bank Mortgages 

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Scotia Bank is one of our top lending bank partners in Grande Prairie. They provide affordable mortgages for our Grande Prairie mortgage customers, because they give Grande Prairie mortgage brokers such as Whalen Mortgages Grande Prairie discounts for the large volume of business they generate for Scotia Bank.

Why should you work with a mortgage broker instead of applying for a mortgage with Scotia Bank directly? We understand the lender’s terms and standards. We can help you qualify for the lowest possible interest rate and minimize your fees. This is especially true if you have bad credit or are recovering from a rough patch in life. We have great relationships with our underwriters at Scotia Bank allowing them to take the time to understand the file. We submit large volumes to Scotia Bank which gives us the lowest rates available. Clients believe they have been a client for years so will get a lower rate themselves however we submit over 30 million a year to this lender giving us the lowest mortgage rates possible from Scotia Bank.

There is another reason to work with a Grande Prairie mortgage broker instead of going directly to the lender. Because we refer so much business to them, they respond to us in a matter of hours. And we provide excellent customer service. You’ll get an answer on your application in a matter of hours when you work with us.

There are reasons we choose to work with Scotia Bank. For example, they’re one of the few lenders that provide affordable purchase plus improvement loans. They’re one of the best lenders to work with if you’re buying a fixer-upper or fix-and-flip project. We can help you put together the proposal for your renovation project to maximize the odds it is approved.

The overall benefits of working with Scotia Bank include:

  • 15% monthly increase in payments
  • 15% annual lump sum payments
  • Double up monthly payments
  • Skip a payment privileges for prepaid prior months.
  • 90 day rate hold
  • 20% down payment to get 30 year amortization
  • The option to pay mortgage payments ahead of schedule
  • Purchase plus improvement loans
  • Mortgage portability if you sell this house and move to another
  • Additional services like debt consolidation, unsecured loans and home equity loans for mortgage holders

 Call the team at Whalen Mortgages Grande Prairie today your trusted Grande Prairie Mortgage Brokers to get started on your next purchase in Grande Prairie. 780-357-3993 or apply online

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