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TD Bank Grande Prairie | Lowest Mortgage Rates | Mortgage Brokers Grande Prairie


TD Bank Grande Prairie Mortgages

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As a Grande Prairie mortgage broker, we work with a variety of financial institutions and Banks. One of our biggest partners is TD Bank. While they already have competitive interest rates for mortgages, we receive a discount off those rates because of the volume of mortgages we refer to them. We pass these savings on to our clients in Grande Prairie.

TD Bank stands out for its home equity loans, allowing you to tap into your home’s equity when you need money. Whether you want a low interest rate for home renovations or debt consolidation is your choice. The only restriction is that you cannot withdraw more than 80% of the equity in your home, including your primary mortgage. You don’t have to change the title on your home to apply for this loan. And you probably won’t have to get a lawyer involved when you do withdraw the money. The downside to this approach is that you’re essentially locked into the interest rate and loan terms of the HELOC – it becomes very hard to renegotiate.

We do provide enhanced transfer programs if you have a home equity loan and mortgage and want to roll them into a new loan with another lender. If you are transferring a large enough loan, we may be able to waive the associated fees.

TD Bank is not just a mortgage lender. They’re a full service financial institution. TD Bank is known for its excellent customer service. They have rapid turnaround, too. TD Bank offers Whalen Mortgages Grande Prairie the lowest mortgage rates for our clients. 

What are the privileges that come with working with TD Bank?

  • The option to prepay up to 15% of the original mortgage in an annual lump sum
  • The ability to double up mortgage payments – every payment
  • A rental offset sheet to pay off your rental properties faster using your rental income

TD Banks posts its current interest rates and updates them daily. Call us to see what rates and loan terms we can secure for you from TD Bank. 780-357-3993 or apply online





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