Grande Prairie Mortgage Rates
Grande Prairie Best Mortgage Rates

Grande Prairie Mortgage Rates


1 Year Fixed6.59%
2 Year Fixed5.94%
3 Year Fixed5.14%
4 Year Fixed5.14%
5 Year Fixed4.89%
10 Year Fixed6.59%
Variable Rate6.20%
Rates are subject to change without notice as the industry fluctuates.

Grande Prairie trusted Whalen Mortgages has the lowest mortgage rates. We have partnered up with the top lenders to ensure we are getting you the best interest rate on your mortgage. We are always available for you anytime you need just reach out. Some lenders have low mortgage rates however hold high penalties let us explain all the different lenders to you so you can pick a lender of your choice after understanding the mortgage terms. We are very transparent and break down mortgages to help you understand the pros and cons to each lender. Clear communication is the main important aspect when picking your Grande Prairie mortgage broker, the team at Whalen Mortgages understands the importance of explaining the lenders and the mortgage products so you are never caught with any hidden fees or inflated penalties. Mortgages do not have to be complicated and our role is to ensure that your purchase or transfer is easy and flawless while getting you not only the lowest interest rate on your Grande Prairie mortgage but also placing you with a good lender that holds normal penalties or if putting you in a restrictive mortgage the understanding of the mortgage product you are picking.

We work around the clock to make sure we are always available to our clients even in the evenings and weekends. We understand work obligations and are available outside work hours to help you get your mortgage. We do the negotiating for you with the banks to get you the lowest rate. We are always up to date on all the lenders policies and mortgage rates to ensure we get our clients the best mortgage rate in Grande Prairie. We are your trusted Grande Prairie Mortgage Brokers! Give us a call today to start locking in your rate 780-357-3993. Jodi Whalen and her team at Whalen Mortgages will jump to your mortgage immediately to get you the lowest mortgage interest rate.

We have the top professionals we can recommend such as realtors and lawyers in Grande Prairie helping make your transaction that much easier. We only refer the best professionals to make sure you are treated with the most care during the transaction. Getting a home should be fun and we try to make sure it is fun. We take all the hard paperwork and packaging of your deal on to position it with a lender and a low mortgage rate. We work with the lenders to get your deal approved immediately and understand all the required conditions to allow for an easy mortgage approval on your Grande Prairie home. Call us today to get started! 780-357-3993 at Whalen Mortgages and one of our dedicated team members will get you started and lock in the lowest mortgage rate in Grande Prairie.

We care about our clients and our service shows! We have very large volumes and therefor the lenders offer Whalen Mortgages Grande Prairie the lowest mortgage rates offered to Grande Prairie. We work hard to get your mortgage approved and at the lowest mortgage rate. We explain how fixed mortgage rates and variable mortgage rates work and let you pick a lender that fits your needs after our wonderful team of dedicated underwriters explain the different products offered. Do you want to make sure your mortgage payment does not change then you may decide a fixed mortgage rate is the best option. You generally paying a little higher for this security. Some Banks will carry bigger penalties on the fixed mortgage rates due to having posted rates, oppose to the non bank lenders who just have contract rate no inflated posted rate and therefor a lower interest rate differential, sometimes 1/5th the penalty compared to a bank. We take care of our mortgage clients in Grande Prairie to make sure they pick the right mortgage for them!

Variable mortgage rates can carry a lower penalty however it can fluctuate with prime if the Bank Of Canada increases or decreases the rate then your rate goes up or down. Usually these are lower rates then a fixed rate mortgage however do carry higher risk because they can move and therefor your payment moves. You can always jump from a variable to a fixed at current rates for the remaining term with no penalty. Rates can only go up by .25% increments determined by the Bank of Canada every 6 weeks when they release if they are increasing, decreasing or leaving prime stay at the current over night lending rate the Bank of Canada holds, this is what determines if the bank changes there prime rate; which is generally higher then the Bank of Canada’s rate. Call our team at Whalen Mortgages Grande Prairie your top mortgage experts. 780-357-3993 or Apply Online Now!



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