Grande Prairie Mortgage Broker
Grande Prairie Mortgage Broker

100% Financing

As a Grande Prairie Mortgage Broker, I understand the importance of options. Buying a home in Grande Prairie with rent being so high can be difficult to save your down payment. There are still a limited number of options available for borrowers without a downpayment. We have a couple lenders that allow downpayment to be borrowed while still getting the best interest rate!! Contact me today to get started with the application and be that much closer to your new home. We are your Grande Prairie Mortgage Experts!

We can get you approved to purchase a home using a line of credit that the lender will even provide to help you the purchase of your new home. In Grande Prairie for the same you pay in rent you can own your own home and in 5 years have 80k in equity by paying down your mortgage not your landlords mortgage. Getting approved for a flex down mortgage in Grande Prairie can be difficult without local knowledge of your market and lenders who are familiar with Grande Prairie deals. Using a Grande Prairie Mortgage broker will help ensure you get the approval to purchase your new home. Your next home in Grande Prairie is only a phone call away.

I believe in transparency and informing my clients of the lender’s product and details of their new mortgage to them. Informed decisions always result in the best outcome. I will financially coach you to getting the approval you want for your next home in Grande Prairie or anywhere else across Canada.

Grande Prairie Mortgages don’t have to be complicated. Let me help find solutions to get you approved for your new home and make it a quick and painless process. You can start building your own equity and stop paying down your landlord’s Mortgage. We offer the best mortgage rates in Grande Prairie and have a great relationship with our Mortgage Lenders to ensure quick turnaround times. You can be approved in 1 day and pre-approved in as little as 20 minutes.

At Whalen Mortgages we are your local Grande Prairie Mortgage experts and can work with many situations. You don’t have to pay a high-interest rate to get approved for the mortgage. Interest rates are the same as if you had your own down payment. Borrowing your down payment will lower your spending ability a bit because we have to include the borrowed down payment into the liabilities.

100% financing using your local Grande Prairie Mortgage Brokers at Whalen Mortgages. Call me Jodi Whalen today 780-357-3993.

I look forward to speaking with you and helping you with your next home purchase.


  • Down payment is borrowed (example: Credit Cards, Line of Credit, and Personal Loan)

  • Credit score must be high

  • Insurance premium of 4.5%, added to mortgage

  • Client can qualify for “best” discounted interest rates

  • All types of properties on owned land (not rented pad) are eligible

Apply now to see which option will best suit your needs.