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Your Grande Prairie Mortgage Brokers here to help you save on your mortgage renewal!! 780-357-3993 call Jodi and her team today!!

Don’t make one of the biggest financial mistakes of your life. Don’t worry if you thought about making a mistake with your mortgage renewal. Studies show that more than two thirds of Canadians do it. What is that costly mistake that they so often make? They renew their mortgage with their current lender without shopping around or even negotiating their mortgage terms.
Why is this such a big financial mistake? Because you could be missing out on huge savings. When your Grande Prairie mortgage is up for renewal, your mortgage is open and you are free to change lenders. You could switch to a lender who offers a lower interest rate. You could choose a mortgage with a longer term to secure your rate or extend your amortization if you choose to refinance on renewal, lowering your monthly payments. This is the time to negotiate interest rates, fees and other costs or strategies that could save you hundreds of dollars a month. Or you could ask for a different payment schedule and pre-payment options so that you can pay off the mortgage balance faster. If your current lender won’t work with you, this is the best time to find a lender in Grande Prairie that will.  Grande Prairie’s Whalen Mortgages will shop to get you the best rate and terms on your mortgage renewal. We will help you pick the right lender and mortgage for your needs on renewal and explain all options so you get the right mortgage.

Home mortgages don’t have to be complicated, and the process is easier when you have Grande Prairie mortgage experts like Grande Prairie Whalen Mortgages by your side. We’ll help you negotiate your current mortgage terms with different lenders for free, and we’ll find out if you can get a better deal with someone else. We don’t just work with big banks in Grande Prairie. We partnered with credit unions, private lenders and other financial institutions to give you the greatest selection of any Grande Prairie mortgage broker.

You lose nothing by shopping around, and you could save tens of thousands of dollars with a simple phone call. Call Grande Prairie Whalen Mortgages team, your Grande Prairie mortgage experts, to get the process started! Talk to Jodi or one of her team members at 780-357-3993.

Why else do you want to talk to a mortgage consultant about your Grande Prairie mortgage? Because this is the easiest time to revisit your financing needs and, if appropriate, make a change. If you want to refinance your mortgage and put a large lump sum down against the loan balance, we can help. If you need to cash out home equity to pay off bills or want to set up a home equity line of credit, Grande Prairie Whalen Mortgages is ready to assist you. We can work through the paperwork to consolidate your credit card debt or second mortgage into your primary mortgage so you have a single, set monthly mortgage payment. Don’t let the opportunity that comes with a mortgage renewal pass you by. You can’t afford the penalties if you change your mind a year or two from now.

Completing the form below so we can outline a strategy that moves you toward your long-term financial goals. We will notify you about relevant mortgage products and rates prior to renewal. Don’t wait until your Grande Prairie mortgage is up for renewal. The more time we have, the more likely it is that we can find you a better interest rate or craft a mortgage product that meets your needs.

Your Grande Prairie mortgage brokers here to make the mortgage process that much easier. We are always available to answer your questions. We’ll take the time discuss your situation so we can see the best options for you.

We believe our customers need all of the information about every option in order to make the right decision. Grande Prairie Whalen Mortgages will explain all the lenders rates and products. We’ll get you into the right Grande Prairie Mortgage, whether you want to get out of that ARM or want to find out if your improved credit score qualifies you for a better interest rate. Apply On-Line Today!

We are always ready and available for our clients, you are the top priority and we show that. We are not just your mortgage brokers we become life long friends who are always here for you at anytime you need us throughout your life. Apply On-Line Today!



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