Home listings and sales tend to drop off in the winter. Yet there are a number of benefits to listing your Grande Prairie home this winter.  

Less Competition  

Less serious home sellers remove their homes from listings over the winter. This results in fewer competitors for the limited pool of buyers.  

More Serious Buyers  

There are people who casually drop by open houses out of curiosity. There are people who consider buying investment properties and second homes in the summer. And all of them stay home when it gets cold. Those who are home shopping in the winter need to buy a new home, whether it is because they have a growing family, want to change school districts, changed jobs or can’t afford to remain where they are.  

Time Pressures to Close  

Grande Prairie home buyers shopping in the winter often have time pressures to close as soon as possible. If you’re moving to Grande Prairie for work, you only have so much time to look before your relocation benefits run out. Or you want to close on a home before the holiday seasons or the beginning of the New Year when they start a new positionIf they are shopping for a new home because there isn’t room for their growing family, they won’t want to wait until spring.  These are just a few reasons to list during the winter months.