A client recently approached Grande Prairie Whalen Mortgages saying they couldn’t buy the home they wanted. They came to us because they’d already been rejected by their local bank. They were told to come back after they’d saved at least a 10% down payment. Never mind this could have taken years to do. It would certainly mean their dream home was snapped up by someone else. Then they called us.  

Your trusted mortgage broker Grande Prairie Whalen Mortgages was able to find a lender that would qualify them with only 5% down. The lender accepted the gift from the mother’s father as part of their down payment. The lender even gave them 3% cash back while they were in the lawyer’s office.  

We were also able to use child support and family allowance as income to qualify and meet the mortgage’s debt service requirements. The client was gifted the 5% from their parents. And they were able to make an offer on their dream home without being stuck in a high-interest loan.  

When the mortgage closed, the lender gave them 3% cash back. This money was used for small home renovations. They were able to do this with the cash on hand instead of taking out a home equity loan or charging the home repairs on a credit card.  

Most banks have five or six mortgage products available, and many don’t qualify for any of them. As an independent Grande Prairie mortgage brokerGrande Prairie Whalen Mortgages has up to forty banks and trust companies at its disposal, each with five to six mortgage products. This creates a pool of more than 200 options we can select from. We’ll find something that works best for you.  

All we do is mortgages. We aren’t trying to sell you vehicle loans, push you to open savings accounts, or add to an RRSP. We are dedicated to offering Grande Prairie home buyers the best mortgages available. However, that’s not all we do. We aid those who want to refinance their existing mortgage. Talk to use when you are approaching your mortgage renewal date. Ask us for your options when you want to roll existing loans into your mortgage balance or want to cash out home equity to pay debt or invest it elsewhere. If you want to sell your current home and buy a new home, talk to Grande Prairie Whalen Mortgages. Explore your options so that you minimize the fees and penalties the banks would hit you with. We’re here to help Grande Prairie homeowners and home buyers get the best deal on their mortgage.  


Call us today at 780-357-3993. 


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